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Accessories for Empresa Bed

Accessories for Empresa Bed

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The High Safety Mat is constructed from a soft foam with a 4-way stretch cover and non-slip base. When placed next to the Empresa with a 6” mattress, a ‘fall’ from bed is transformed into a ‘roll’. 10in High, 79 x 29.5in

The Lifting Pole is designed to be a safe and convenient solution to assist service users with sitting up or changing position in bed.

The Bed Lever Assist Bar and Long Lever Assist Bar securely fixes to the bed frame and provides support for bed mobility and transfers.

Empresa Width Adjustment Kit. When fitted the bed is compatible with 105cm/42in wide mattress.

The bed Wall Bumper/Protection Bar has been designed to easily hook over the bar at the head or foot end of the bed reducing the risk of the bed being placed too close to the wall.




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