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Tchin Tchin Coffee Roasters

Djembe Light Roast

Djembe Light Roast

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The Djembe is a rope-tuned, skin-covered, goblet drum played with bare hands from the West African region. The name of the djembe comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drum's purpose.

The Sidama union is comprised of 53 coffee cooperatives and over 80,000 member households. Coffees here are earlier than in the far south, delicate, and citric. Sidama has one of the most robust cooperative unions in the country with 53 member cooperatives, many with two or more processing sites—the peachy-floral Homacho Waeno alone has four washing stations, also in the Dara district. There are 1069 farmer members in Buna Boka, who average a single hectare of coffee cultivation each, and the vast majority of coffee produced by the members is fully washed.

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