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Electric Wheelchair Model V

Electric Wheelchair Model V

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Designed for optimal comfort, the Vive Mobility electric wheelchair will provide you with a smooth ride over indoor surfaces and solid outdoor surfaces such as concrete and pavement. The power chair is equipped with a powerful motor, reaching a top speed of 4mph, a dual braking system for added safety, and long-lasting batteries for a range of up to 15 miles per charge. Fully adjustable, the electric wheelchair features a generously sized captain’s seat that also swivels for easily entering and exiting the wheelchair and repositionable armrests and footplate.


  • Comfortable Mobility

Our Vive Mobility electric power chair provides optimal comfort and safe, stable mobility for those with limited mobility due to injury or illness. The large electric wheelchair smoothly navigates indoors, enabling independent mobility in comfort and style. 

  • Safe Maneuverability

Ideal for navigating around your home, the large power wheelchair features a tight, 25” turning radius and 2.5” ground clearance to easily navigate indoors and on level outdoor surfaces such as pavement and concrete and those with a gentle incline. 

  • Easy To Operate

Featuring a 360-degree, joystick controller, our electric wheelchair is easy to operate. The intuitive joystick controller allows you to easily navigate around obstacles while monitoring and adjusting the speed of the electric wheelchair up to 4mph. The wheelchair controller is repositionable for use on the left or right side and includes a safety horn button and a battery charge indicator.

  • Customizable Seating

Safely supporting up to 300 pounds, the large power chair is equipped with a cushioned 20” by 20” captain’s seat with a lap belt for added safety. The wide seat is height adjustable, reclines for greater comfort, and swivels for easy transfers. The footplate and armrest height, width, and angle are also adjustable to provide personalized seating for most adults.


  • What’s Included:

    • Vive Mobility Electric Wheelchair
    • Two rechargeable batteries
    • 3-Pin charging cable
    • Five-year limited guarantee


  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Top speed*: 4 mph

  • Estimated range*: 15 miles

  • Max. Climbing angle:

  • Turning radius: 25”

  • Ground clearance: 2.5”

  • Length: 40”

  • Width: 24.75”

  • Height: 44”

Seat dimensions

  • Width: 20”

  • Depth: 20”

  • Back height: 18.5”

  • Motor: 200w x 3900rpm

  • Controller Dynamic shark: 40a

  • Batteries: 12v x 35ah

  • Battery charger: 3A

  • Brakes: Electromagnetic

  • Freewheel mode: YES

  • Tires fl at free Flat: free

  • Caster wheels: 6” x 2”

  • Drive wheels: 10” x 3”

  • Base weight: 68 lbs. 68 lbs.

  • Battery weight (pair): 44 lbs.

  • Seat weight: 39 lbs.

  • Total weight: 151 lbs.


Does the electric wheelchair have a neutral/manual mode in case the battery dies while we are out?

Yes! The Vive Mobility electric wheelchair can be placed in freewheel mode by turning the levels located behind each rear wheel. Do not operate the wheelchair in manual mode alone.

Is the electric power chair footrest adjustable?

Yes, the electric power wheelchair footrest plate height, depth and angle can be easily adjusted.

Does the Vive Mobility electric wheelchair come assembled?

The Vive Mobility electric wheelchair arrives partially assembled and requires you to follow a few simple steps before use.

Are the power wheelchair tires solid?

Yes, the Vive compact power wheelchair features solid, inflate-free tires.

Can the universal joystick controller be placed on either wheelchair armrest?

Yes! The joystick controller can be attached to either the left or right wheelchair armrest.

Do I charge the batteries onboard the wheelchair?

Yes, the Vive Mobility wheelchair batteries should only be charged via the charging port on the joystick controller with the included 3-pin charging cable.

How wide is the Vive Mobility power wheelchair?

The Vive Mobility power wheelchair is 24.75” at the widest point.

Can I use my Vive Mobility electric wheelchair in the rain?

No, the Vive Mobility electric wheelchair is not suitable for use in inclement weather. Should it begin raining while using your electric wheelchair, seek shelter immediately and dry the wheelchair thoroughly. Allow it to sit undisturbed for 8 to 12 hours to allow unseen moisture to evaporate.

Is the Vive Mobility electric wheelchair TSA approved?

Yes! The Vive Mobility electric wheelchair is TSA-approved and ideal for air travel, cruise ships and more.

How much does the power wheelchair weigh?

The power wheelchair weighs 151 pounds including the batteries.

Can I drive my Vive Mobility power chair on gravel?

The Vive Mobility electric wheelchair is suitable for some outdoor surfaces such as concrete and pavement. It is not suitable for use over loose gravel.

What is the electric wheelchair’s weight limit?

The Vive Mobility electric wheelchair safely supports up to 300 pounds.

Does the electric wheelchair include the batteries?

Yes! The Vive Mobility electric wheelchair includes two batteries and a 3-pin charging cable.


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