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Shoe Horn with Sock Remover 23"

Shoe Horn with Sock Remover 23"

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Eliminate the need to bend over when putting on or taking off your shoes. The extra long, 23” heavy duty shoe horn allows the heel to easily slide into any shoe style. Gently curved, the shoe horn works with feet and shoes of any size, including narrow or wide.


  • Easily Put On Footwear While Standing
    Easily slide shoes on or off with the extra long shoe horn. Measuring 24” in length, the shoe horn eliminates the need to bend over to put on your shoes. The tall, wide design works for men, women, seniors and the elderly. The gently curved base smoothly guides the heel into any athletic shoe, dress shoe, boot or ski boot.

  • Large, Easy Grip Handle
    Perfect for anyone with mobility or dexterity issues, the shoe horn has a large oval handle for a comfortable and secure grip. The handle also allows the shoe horn to conveniently hang on a coat rack or storage hook.

  • Built To Last
    Heavy duty shoe horn is manufactured with a thick, premium plastic. Durable plastic frame is very sturdy and will not crack or break under extensive use.

  • Smooth Finish Extends Shoe Life
    Each edge has a smooth rounded finish to prevent snags and tears in socks and to prevent scuffed shoes. The use of a shoe horn also extends the life of any shoe by preventing the heel from collapsing, bulging or pinching.


  • What’s Included

    • 1x Plastic shoe horn

  • Uses: Allows all ages and all size feet to have comfortable assistance while putting on their footwear.

  • Product Dimensions:

    • Length: 24”

    • Edge Width: 2”

    • Handle Width: 4”

  • Materials: Plastic



  • 24” of length for effortless use while standing

  • Rounded 2” edge

  • Comfortable handle

  • Ultra-strong plastic

  • For children, women, seniors, men, and the elderly

  • Prevents Need to Bend Over When Putting on Footwear

  • Works Great for Children, Seniors, Women, Men, and the Elderly

  • Ergonomic Design Assists All Foot Sizes and Prevents Wear on Shoe Heel


  • I have a wide foot; what is the width of the edge that is put into the shoe?

The width of the rounded edge is 2”; perfect for any size foot.

  • I have a terrible back; is this long enough to put on my shoes without bending over?

Yes! At 24” of length the shoe horn can help you put on your shoes comfortably either standing up or sitting down with little to no movement.



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